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  • Recruiting firms in the business of Permanent placements
  • Search firms
  • HR/Other professionals who are wanting to start a business of their own

We are a global recruiting firms exchange so we work across countries. CBREX members can be based ANYWHERE in the world.

  • The demand side member raises an invoice with his client as soon as the candidate has reported for work at the client site.
  • CBREX raises an invoice to the demand side member @70% of the value of the invoice that has been raised to the client.
  • The supply side member raises an invoice to CBREX @50% of the value of the invoice that has been raised to the client
  • In this way the demand side member will get 30% of the commission as fees , the supply side member 50% and CBREX gets 20%.

As a demand side member is the one that raises the invoice to the hiring company and collects the money from the company, this question is relevant only for the supply side member. In case a demand side member defaults and does NOT pay the exchange @70% of the invoice value as is due per agreement, CBREX will still GUARANTEE a payment to the supply side member. So if a candidate sourced by a member ends up reporting for work at the client site , the member will get paid their share of the commission and this is a CBREX guarantee.

The first membership contract that we sign is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of signing and then is renewed for a period of 3 years thereafter.

We don't have a mathematical cap but we don't crowd the exchange with too many members that have similar expertise/focus areas. Further the members who sign on earlier from a country will have a longer "live" track record on the exchange and this will enable their names to appear in higher frequency when our algorithm searches for supply recruiters for a particular requirement.

The biggest reason is not honoring your financial commitment i.e. not sharing the commission with the exchange and the supply recruiter post the candidate joining the client. We advice each member to read the agreement that enables a member to go live on the exchange carefully as that also lists down in detail the expected behavior of each member. As we are creating an entire eco system of people in the global recruiting fraternity , we are committed to establishing and following transparency in transactions with all our members and we expect our members to do the same.